Since 1977 Segato Sergio has been manufacturing injection molds for plastic materials, molds for metal shearing and deformation.

We address to customers from different sectors of the industry who need solutions customized: furniture and design, technical items, sports items and much more…

We follow our customers in all phases of product industrialization, and guide them to the choice of the suitable material based on the characteristics of the item.

The company in Friuli use cutting-edge 3D software for design, CAM software for machining on numerical control machines and 3D printing for prototyping. We work different thermoplastic materials, from generic, PP, PE, PS, ABS… up to Techno-Polymers and elastomers PA, PC, PPO, POM, TPU, SBS e SEBS …

We have injection molding machines up to 700 tons for large items, dimensions, and gooseneck presses up to 200 tons for cold forming. We carry out various processes on low carbon steel and stainless steel, such as: Blanking and deformation of sheet metal and pipes, bending of pipes, welding, painting a epoxy powders.

We also perform conifications of various shapes: circular, triangular, square, hexagonal, elliptical.

An integral part of our activities are post-production processes: assembly, packaging, instructions and more, all aimed to customer satisfaction.

Together we make your ideas come true!

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