Structures and components

Segato is a company with a consolidated Know-how on molds, techno-polymers, plastic and steel materials.

Within its range of action it has a wide range of achievements, also being able to count on its own internal study and prototyping. 

In addition, the company specializes in the construction of structures for desks, community tables and meeting tables, accessories for desks, shelving and accessories for office furniture, ladders for bedrooms and other items and objects for the home and office.

We collaborate with the customer for the develpment of specific products, making available to them all our design skills also in co-design with architects, designers and technical offices.

Making products unique is part of our mission: to each customer his own product.

Our production is entirely MADE IN ITALY and the attention to detail and attention to functionality and design are characteristics that guide us to find the solution that gives the right value to the made objects.

Come to Fiume Veneto to find out what we can develop together.

Some of our achievements

Structures for Folding desks

Crank desk structures

Stackable table and desk frames

Square and rectangular bases and circular bases up to diameter 820

Structures with portal legs and telescopic beams

T-leg structures with telescopic beams

Structures with indipendent legs for tables and desks.

School tables

CPU Port


Organizer for cables and power strips




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Molds and molding

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Structures and components

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