Segato Sergio

Flexibility, modularity and ergonomics

For more than 40 years we have been engaged in the design, industrialization and molding of technical articles both in metal and plastic and today Segato is specialized above all in the creation of structures for desks and accessories for office furniture of elegant and innovative design.


Technical Articles

Molds and molding


Structures and components

Customer involvement is very important to find targeted solutions and respond to best to this needs. The design is carried out within the company also in collaboration with architects, degigners or technicians.

We use innovative technologies and cutting-edge equipment and use material of quality, to guarantee a valid and solid product, able to last over time. In the comapny there areI highly trained collaborators, able to respond quickly and precise to the various requests.

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Attention to detail, attention to functionality and design are an integral part of ours mission which is centered on proposing entirely MADE IN ITALY solutions.

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